The country house

Casco dell’Acqua Country House is located between Trevi, Montefalco and Foligno towns within a fifteenth hectares holding owned by TULLI’s farm for over 30 years.

It represents the typical farmhouse in the Umbrian countryside: its main building is four meters away from the river Clitunno that goes along the whole farm; its structure dates back to the seventeenth century and it was presumably intended to be the tannery. In the 1930s it was extended.

The approach to the Country House is represented by a bridge on the river Clitunno that goes back to the papal reclamations period which is engraved on the keystone (AD 1775).

The Country House has six simple but refined-furnished apartments; everything has been painstakingly created to be comfortable and relaxing and to be in tune with the surrounding environment.

Some details such as “encanto” watercolours on the walls, wax-treated terracotta floors and the solid wood furniture characterize the Country House.

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